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Dr. Linda Dahl

Dr. Dahl is a pioneer in the field of breastfeeding. Inspired by her own difficulty and ultimate failure to nurse, she has spent the last thirteen years evaluating, researching and treating breastfeeding challenges.

When she started in practice in 2003, there were no answers to the common problems that have plagued breastfeeding for centuries. In fact, many common problems, like painful nursing, infant weight loss, and low milk supply, were and still are considered normal expectations. Too often, mothers are left to their own resources to come up with temporizing solutions. Doctors do not receive adequate training in breastfeeding. Lactation consultants, a profession founded in 1985, fill in a lot of gaps. But there are still at least 25% of mothers who will fail to nurse even if they follow all of the “rules.”

Now there are answers. At Dahlfull, Dr. Dahl has developed a methodology and technique to help you and your baby achieve your nursing goals with just one visit.  She has treated over 12,000 babies, with no complications and an over 90% success rate.

Through Dahlfull, Dr. Dahl is on a mission to educate mothers and health care professionals on her paradigm of breastfeeding. It is her dream to spread her discoveries and treatment protocol around the world to empower as many women as possible to breastfeed. Finally, mothers can have a real choice.