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Weekly Breastfeeding Support Groups

When she started in practice in 2003, there were no answers to the common problems that have plagued breastfeeding for centuries. In fact, many common problems, like painful nursing, infant weight loss, and low milk supply, were and still are considered normal expectations. Too often, mothers are left to their own resources to come up with temporizing solutions, but now there are answers. At Dahlfull, Dr. Dahl has developed a methodology and technique to help you and your baby achieve your nursing goals. She has treated over 10,000 babies, with no complications and an over 90% success rate.

We now offer a weekly breastfeeding support group, run by an IBCLC. These 90 minute classes are held every Friday at 10:00am and are covered by insurance for established patients. The cost is $30 for all other mother and baby pairs.