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Every mother deserves the right to breastfeed her baby. But not all mother/baby units are able to breastfeed without difficulty. Successful breastfeeding is not as effortless and automatic as you have been led to believe. With more and more efforts aimed at educating and often requiring mothers to nurse, an unintended consequence is that women feel forced into it despite the challenges.

And there are many challenges. Although these challenges are common, they are not normal. There is an answer to every nursing problem. At Dahlfull, we are here to offer solutions to these challenges, not just coach you through them.

In order to address these problems, we must first define them.  Here are some questions to help you determine whether or not your experience is what it should be:

  1. Are you having breast or nipple pain and/or damage from nursing?
  2. Is your milk supply too low? Too high?
  3. After your nurse, are you still able to pump out more milk?
  4. Have you had one or more instances of painful engorgement, plugged ducts or mastitis?
  5. After nursing, is your baby still hungry, i.e. do you offer a bottle or other food source?
  6. Does your baby nurse for a long time or fall asleep quickly after a few minutes?
  7. Does your baby want to nurse frequently (more than every 2-3 hours)?
  8. Is your baby gaining weight at the expected rate?
  9. Does your baby make the appropriate number of wet/soiled diapers a day?
  10. Has your baby had dehydration or jaundice?
  11. Does your baby get frustrated, fall off your breast and need re-latching or altogether reject your breasts?
  12. Does your baby have excessive gas, reflux, or colic?