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Scissors vs. Laser

Parents often ask about the pros and cons of using scissors versus laser. Dr. Dahl has certified in the use of lasers and has used them in the past for different surgical treatments. However, for infants needing oral procedures to improve nursing outcomes, scissors are Dr. Dahl’s choice of instrument, and here is why:

  1. Scissors are more accurate – performing these procedures on newborns requires precision and quick timing.
  2. There is no down time after the procedure with scissors, so your baby can nurse immediately afterwards.
  3. Lasers cut with heat, so there is always thermal injury to surrounding tissues which leads to:
    1. more pain for your baby during and after the procedure.
    2. an increased risk of scarring.
    3. more restriction of your baby’s tongue and jaw movement.
    4. longer healing time.
    5. longer wait time to see improvements in nursing.
  4. Lasers cut with time, so the longer it takes to do the procedure, the deeper the laser cuts into the soft underlying tissues in your baby’s mouth.
  5. With laser, your baby has to be held down and secured for a longer time by medical staff due to risks of injury from the laser.
  6. Lasers can damage the cornea of the eye so everyone in the room must wear protective goggles.
  7. Scissors are mobile. They can be used anytime anywhere, even at the bedside or for home visits.
  8. Although there is no bleeding with a laser, the bleeding from scissors lasts only a few seconds and stops by the time you leave the office.