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When To Schedule

When choosing a doctor to treat your breastfeeding issues, keep in mind that there is currently no medical specialty dedicated to the whole of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a complex field. There are three “patients” to consider: mother, baby, and mother/baby unit. In addition,  the components of breastfeeding are scattered among different specialties: OB/Gyn, pediatrics, ENT, osteopathy. It is the only part of the human experience like this. If you visit any one of these doctors, you are only getting one piece of the puzzle. Dahlfull has brought these parts together as a whole to create the first comprehensive breastfeeding resource. For over a decade, Dr. Dahl has treated over 10,000 babies with an over 90% success rate. She has a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of you and your baby so you can come together the way nature intended. The way you deserve.

If you are having challenges nursing, it is best to schedule your appointment within the first two weeks. This will give you time to work out the simple problems and perhaps visit with a lactation consultant to help you with positioning. But it is still early enough to preempt milk supply issues if your baby is not transferring milk efficiently. Your milk supply is set by the first month of nursing, so if you have average or low supply, correcting latching problems early is critical in establishing your supply.

Babies can still be treated after the first few weeks, with very good results. But the longer your baby nurses with difficulty, the more variables there are to overcome once the latch is fixed. For example, babies quickly learn adaptive behaviors, such as clicking or falling asleep at the breast, when there is little reward for their nursing. They can also learn to associate your breasts with hunger or exhaustion when they cannot transfer milk efficiently.

If you continue to have difficulty after the first two weeks, waiting it out and hoping for the best will usually result in poorer outcomes. When in doubt, schedule your visit early so you have the best chance of nursing successfully.