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Your Visit

Our office is designed with you in mind. Please make sure your baby has been added onto your insurance plan prior to your visit. You can be processed more efficiently if you fill out paperwork, provide your insurance information, and obtain a referral (if needed) in advance.

  1. After you check in, you and your baby will be escorted to an exam room.
  2. You will meet with Dr. Dahl, who will review your history, examine your baby, and provide you with her recommendations.
  3. Any questions will be answered before you decide whether or not you want to proceed with treatment. It is always your choice of whether or not to proceed.
  4. If you choose to have a procedure, here is what to expect:
  • It is performed in the office while you hold your baby.
  • It only takes a few seconds.
  • Anesthesia is not usually necessary. If your baby is 7 weeks or older a small amount of local anesthetic can be used.
  • There is a small amount of bleeding after the procedure that stops in less than a minute.
  • You will breastfeed your baby in the office directly after the procedure. In the vast majority of cases, there is immediate improvement in nursing.
  • Dr. Dahl or a lactation consultant will instruct you in the proper hold and latching techniques to maximize your success in nursing.
  • You can then continue to nurse in the exam room or in one of our nursing rooms.